Sunday, May 27, 2012

audrey is 3!

We had a fun weekend so far with Audrey turning 3 as the highlight!  We kept it simple because of her broken arm and just had Grandma and Grandpa Nielson over for cake!  She got toys and clothes.  her fur-Real kitty & Rapunzel dress and doll were a fave.  She was "scared" of her new trike!?!?  Also got a Magna- doodle, coloring books, Cowgirl hat and boots!  So fun!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tyce stands alone!

The sweetest boy on earth, and most loveable!!! decided that one day before he was 11 months old to start standing!  Watch out world!  He could be walking any day now!  SO SQUISHY AND LOVEABLE!!  LOVE MY TYCE!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

St George April 2012

 Audrey turns 3 this month!  just broke her arm last night, Derek is at the Hospital right now getting her left arm casted...  NEVER a dull moment!!!  she fell off her scooter:(
 Tyce almost 11 months!  he is almost walking now and into EVERYTHING!  really hard since I cant lift over 20lbs.  Seriously.  I have had a ton of help!
 I spent the last 2 weeks in St George, Utah @ my parents house recovering from surgery.  They took care of Tyce and Audrey & I!!  Derek had the other 3 at home since they all had school and work etc.. It was nice! I cannot restrain myself from cleaning.  I am not supposed to, obviously I just had back surgery!  I bent down to pick a weed and got stung by a bee, I took it as a sign!  We did hire a house cleaner yesterday!
 Tyce sat in the swing for a good hour!  loves it!  We love this park in Coral Canyon.  It is beautiful! 
 it was mid 90's for a while!  SO HOT!!!  kids loved it!  we learned Audrey's skin needs 3 coats of sun-block!!
 Feeling better, but need pain meds which I'd like to move on from. Start Physical Therapy in 2 weeks.  It went well after the 10 staples were out!  I finished all George RR Martins Game of Thrones books (1000 pgs each, 5 books ready for more!) and I couldn't of done this w/ out family and friends!  They are the best!  My Mom and I caught up on Downton Abbey so fun!  Mostly, I felt like I was 15 again!  sleeping in etc.  I don't know how to get back to reality!!!
My sweet Grandma came over to see us!  it was cute! Love her!  Look at Ty snuggling, so precious! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Busy busy!

Well first off we got Audrey potty trained! Yeah! She was sooo easy! I'm always so glad to have that first annoying week over with! now she goes alone etc...! What a big girl! she is now enrolled in preschool next fall and the last thing left is her BINKY!!!! I am so proud of her! She is a sweetie!
Tyce is now 9 months! he has 7 1/2 teeth, and is moving! He is on a good schedule and is a great baby! He did have another round with croup and even RSV a couple weeks ago. He is a BIG baby! almost 25 lbs! Another Linebacker Nielson for Daddy!
Finally, I'm having BACK SURGERY! scheduled for April 4th. I blew out 2 discs and have had complete numbness in my right sciatic region. I cannot feel my foot etc... I tried the cortisone shots, physical therapy and nothing has worked. I got an EMG (nerve conduction study) and it indicated I already have some permanent damage in my foot. It's best to have the surgery and move on with life! I am gonna be unable to do much with Tyce. My mom will come here for 2 weeks and Derek will take some time off work. Good thing I have awesome friends too. Lesson learned on not bending over and picking things up. However, its easier said than done when you have 5 kids! they have really stepped up to help, even Audrey. Derek is so amazing, I'm so lucky with him. I am glad I'm a reader! I have several series I would like to finish! I'm gonna go crazy after 2 days though!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fun times!!!

Audrey now 2 1/2 yrs!
Audrey to do list...
1. Get out of crib and into big girl bed (check)
2. Potty trained (...)
3. Binkie free!!!!! (HELP!!!)
My sweetheart! OHHHHHH!! I love this squishy guy! He will be 8 months on Saturday! (what? I know! time flies!!!) His top 2 front teeth are almost in now, they just poked through! He is getting closer to crawling, and that's okay! He is so squirmy and active, just sitting that we can put movement on hold for awhile! and this guy LOVES eating food! Derek love experimenting on his reaction to approved foods. Apparently he love sour things!

So, 2012 was supposed to be my year to get back in shape and take advantage of my Gym in the basement. After our amazing trip to Tahiti last February/March, I was hospitalized while 6mo pregnant with a 7 mm kidney stone requiring surgery. Then in June I had Tyce so fast I didn't have an epidural (no biggie, I am a pro ;)) Then in August I had an emergeny appendectomy. I was cruising right along and finally got Ty on a schedule, so I could predict certain times of day to utilize my Gym....
and then almost 2 weeks ago I was grabbing Tyce (now 23 lbs!!! I know he's a Nielson..) when POW!!!! My lower back went out. I had thrown it out about 3 times before in the past 6 yrs, and recovered in about a week or so. This time was totally different. I knew immediately that I did some damage. I had HORRIBLE what I now know as Sciatic pain in my right leg and it was debilitating, to say the least! Well I made it through the night and the next morning and after was just NUMBNESS. I had bursts of pain here and there, but it was just numb. Everyday it has gotten Number and weaker. Today I can hardly walk. I went in last week and had an MRI, and found out I have 2 herniated discs. L4/L5, L5/S1. The lower one was completely compressing my sciatic nerve. Tomorrow I get an EMG or nerve conduction study. I will probably have surgery soon because I am facing permanent nerve damage from about 4-6 weeks, if not treated YIKES. So I am pissed. I always was annoyed by the constantly ill, and here I am. I need help left and right and cant do anything.
Here is the clincher... I will have to stay down for 6 weeks post surgery. No picking up house or baby or 2 yr old. I will be hiring a nanny and staying in bed, Good thing I love to read. I am nervous! Wish me luck on my lame adventure!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Disneyland Jan 2-6th, 2012

We finally made it back to the magic kingdom this year! It is our favorite place! We did however leave Tyce with my parents in St George. It was hard to be away from him, but it was crazy enough with 4 others! I am glad they helped out! On our way home we met my parents and brothers family at red robin and headed straight home! We usually stay another while in St George, but we were anxious to get home to our beds! Tyce is almost 7 months! here he is with Brant and Evie (who will be a big sister in April, to a brother...) My sister also called me and let me know she is due in August!

We started out the trip at Medieval Times in Buena Park. We sat in the area for the red knight and he won! The kids LOVED it!

Audrey is all about Tink! She loved meeting her!
This was supposed to be a less busy time of year, but the temperature was 85 degrees F, and it made it a lot more crowded. next time it will be cooler and less crowded! We are planning on returning next Nov. Who would of thought 85 in January? here is the girls waiting for the Christmas parade!

We took advantage of the Train this year! It was so hot and crowded at the park! The kids loved it too!
Woody's Roundup! Fun ride but our longest wait @ 75 minutes!

the girls with Iradessa and Tink fairy.
The boys and I got Ponchos and rode the Grizzly river rapids at night! it was still freezing! It was super fun to have 5 hours with just the 2 boys while Derek had the girls! Evan finally did the California Screamer and LOVED IT!

We got stuck on its a small world for an hour! It was a great way to Cool off! (notice Derek sleeping behind us!)
had to do DUMBO!
So for the second time in a row we failed to get a whole group photo! This was the closest! Kate got sick and did a half day the last day when I was planning on it! Next time!
We met up with some of Derek's sisters! here is Kira with Jordan on her 1st birthday!

I got to ride with my sweet niece Brinley on Autotopia. She is great and almost 9.
Derek's sister Maria with her girls Brinley, Carly and Macy on the Jungle Cruise.

the girls on Casey Jr.
The boys with the HUGE Christmas tree!

Audrey loved Mark Twain's River boat!
it was super fun! Gotta love DISNEY! Our new find was the Disneyland Pickles! We loved going on the new Ariel ride too! glad to be back with my sweet Tyce though!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas at home

Almost everyone in our family had Bronchitis this Christmas (Tyce had it with a double ear infection too) Evan and Conner were somehow spared. We had to miss the famous family party, which was sad but we did our own lazy Christmas this year. The grand Present to all was a Disneyland vacation. We leave on New Years Day. My parents will keep Tyce which is sad, but it will make it a lot easier for us. He will get to go plenty more times in the future.

Tyce was the most spoiled with tons of clothes and toys! Everyone loved seeing him open his presents! Too bad he was sick!
The girls both were into Lalaloopsy dolls this year! Audrey's looks just like her doll! They both also got a lot of clothes and books. Audrey got an easel and little people and Kate got a Barbie and another lalaloopsy. They also got a lot of other stuff...
Christmas morning 5 AM, gotta love it! Audrey was up at 8, and Tyce was up at 9
Evan got his own Air Soft gun, and loves it! He also got clothes and video games
Conner and Evan both got Ninjago Legos and cologne. They also both got a lot of candy.
Baby Tyce! So cute! He loves his squeaky Cookie Monster. (Audrey is afraid of the Cookie Monster, so hopefully this will help her get over that!)
Someone hates mornings! She was grumpy as usually but so cute!
A couple hours later she was finally happy and put on her own Lalaloopsy dress-up clothes!
Tyce 6 months old
Evan and Tyce Christmas Eve!